This part of the site is about what you see in the Hollywood movies, it's basically for people doing research or whatever on the classics.





-Half man, half wolf transformation

-Killed by a silver bullet

-Hate silver and wolfsbane

-...Eat people (woooooooooow...)



-Can't go out in the sunlight

-Hate garlic, crosses, holy water, anything holy

-Can't cross over water

-Can turn into mist, wolves, ravens, bats, etc.

-Stake through the heart will kill them

-Drink blood (obviously)



-Ugly as sin

-Half bird (usually women)

-Lure sailors away from ships

- Shriek defeaningly when angry




-Humans who have some form of psychic power

-Power can only be used in extreme situations or when set off


When I say Hollywood versions, I mean the WRONG versions. Sort of. No one can really know for sure, but common sense tells me that some of this information is ridiculously false. But, of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so if this is what you believe, then...


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