Espers are basically humans with psycic powers. These powers are only activated when the esper is threatened or when necessary. Espers are from human parents, but some say that they are linked to demons. That does not mean, however, that they themselves are evil.

Esper powers include reading minds, seeing the future, 'reading' a person (meaning that they get a vibe of what the person's like and can see what sort of life they will probably have), mind-speaking (speaking to others through thoughts), and if they are powerful enough, they can damage something with their brain waves. Espers also have elements that they can sense. For example- Electricity. If an esper has the electricity element, they will probably be the most powerful during things like thunderstorms, and when other supernatural beings are around, the espers hair will stand on end.

Sometimes, an esper's eyes will change color depending on mood or power level at that time. Most of them are either shy or quiet, and they tend to want to remain unnoticed. Most of them are fairly harmless except when angered, and even then they may not lash out. Sometimes, even they aren't aware of what they are. If the circumstances aren't right, their powers will never surface, and the esper will live a normal, happy human life. 

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