Werevamps are what everyone is afraid to be: outcasts. Neither werewolves nor vampires will accept them because they have enemy blood in their veins. Some werevamps can find a place in either or both worlds, but that is extremely rare. In most cases, they end up alone or in their own packs, but they aren't happy there either. As a matter of fact, the most common cause of death for a werevamp is suicide because of the constant battle raging within their minds.

Werevamps are either born through human parents or through a vampire father and werewolf mother. The only way for them to be born through human parents is through recessive genes. (though not like the recessive werewolves; see WEREWOLVES.) One parent has to have werewolf blood, the other vampire blood.

The werewolf mother and vampire father cases are extremely rare, both because of the everlasting conflict between both races and the fact that most werewolf mothers can't handle werevamp babies in their systems. (They are designed to destroy any trace of vampire in their system.) But, obviously, it does happen.

Werevamps tend to eat human food, but sometimes have to drink blood in order to maintain top physical condition. They usually have more restraint in their drinking, but can get out of control, as do vampires.

Many werevamps have the same sensuality and speed as a vampire, the strength of a werewolf, and the appearance of half humans and half vampires. Although the strength is dimmed a bit, they can still kick some serious butt. Some even have the 'sixth sense'.

Most werevamps don't have mental stability when it comes to confidence, their social lives, and dealing with problems. Because of the werewolf and vampire thought processes, they will usually be torn between two or more decisions, depending on the individual. Anti-depressants don't help, and most of them end up committing suicide. Therefore most of the time it's not a winning situation. If a werevamp does not commit suicide they will eventually go insane to the point of were they attack humans. If one does attack they will most likely be killed by the human. Either way, werevamps have short life spans.

However, not all commit suicide. Some manage to deal with the mental pain and try to lead normal lives. This, however, does not happen. There is no way for any creature that's inhuman to live a "normal" life. Therefore, they all walk through the shadows and hope for the day when the rest of society smiles at them instead of running and screaming, 'monster!'


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